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Full Access Member ($45.00)
Most popular membership!
Highest level of support.
Daily text messages through a private GroupMe app.
Full access to all LIVE events and Webinars.
Full access to our complete library of recorded workshops.
Full access to NeurofitVR membership (no extra cost).
Access to our newsletter and all the going ons of Heal The Brain.
Great for those new in recovery and long term survivors!

Video Only Member ($22.50)
Access to a complete video library of our recorded workshops.
Access to our Newsletter and all the going ons of Heal The Brain.
Ability to purchase Live Workshops as needed.
Great for our international members in different time zones, working survivors, and parents with difficulty making time for themselves.

Community Member (0 dollars)
Basic membership with access to our newsletter.
Get to know the community - dip your toes in.
With this tier of membership you can drop in on any of our workshops for $10 per workshop.

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